Åland Autonomy 100 Years

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Image source: Mint of Finland

Åland Autonomy 100 Years 2 

Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. The League of Nations granted Finland sovereignty over Åland in 1921. Finland was placed under an obligation to guarantee to the population of the islands their Swedish culture, language, local customs and the system of self-government. On the obverse side of the special euro features a summery archipelago. The field along the upper edge features the text: ÅLANDS SJÄLVSTYRELSE 100 ÅR, and along the lower edge: AHVENANMAAN ITSEHALLINTO 100 VUOTTA. Both text mean "Åland Autonomy 100 Years", the first in Swedish and latter in Finnish.

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Face value2
DesignersUlrika Kjeldsen, Luc Luycx
MaterialBase metal
MetalCuNi25 / CuZn20Ni5/Ni12/CuZn20Ni5
Weight8,5 g
Diameter25,75 mm
ManufactorMint of Finland
SerieÅland Autonomy 100 Years



UNC maximum mintage includes also BU and proof quality. Maximum mintage of BU and proof coins are indicated in the table for those coins they are available.

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