Compulsory Education Act 100 Years

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Image source: Suomen Moneta

Compulsory Education Act 100 Years 20 

The silver 20 euro commemorative coin issued in 2021, celebrated the centennial of the 1921 Compulsory Education Act in Finland. Enacted in 1921, the Compulsory Education Act states that all children aged 7 to 13 years must receive an education. The pictorial subject of the commemorative coin is made up of semi-abstract and asymmetric shapes in various sizes. The obverse shows three children on their way to school, and the reverse features a rooster, a well-known symbol of education in Finland, in relief. The letters A, B and C are to the left, and the symbols www. and @ to the right of the rooster. A computer mouse is shown in the rim below The face value of the coin, 20 €, is at the lower right of the reverse.

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Face value20
DesignerErja Tielinen
Weight25,5 g
Diameter38,6 mm
ManufactorLithuanian Mint


100 (numbered)

Mintage is maximum mintage. Numbered coins are included in the maximum mintage of proof coins.

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