Journalism and Free Press Supporting Finnish Democracy

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Image source: Suomen Moneta

Journalism and Free Press Supporting Finnish Democracy 100 

The 100 euro coin celebrates the centennial of the Union of Journalists in Finland. The stylized male and female figures and the information networks surrounding them like a ribbon symbolise the open exchange of information in Finnish journalism. The pictorial subject is surrounded by text reading JOURNALISMI • JOURNALISTIK, and, below, the year 2021, and the letter ‘V’, the initial of the designer’s, Hannu Jasoni Veijalainen’s, surname.The spiral pattern of points on the reverse symbolizes the visual journalism in our environment, and information spreading in the world. Below the pictorial subject along the rim SUOMI • FINLAND. The denomination, 100 €, is in the centre of the reverse. Issue date: 28.3.2021

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Face value100
DesignerHannu Veijalainen
Weight5,65 g
Diameter22 mm
ManufactorLithuanian Mint
SerieJournalism and Free Press Supporting Finnish Democracy


300 (numbered)

Mintage is maximum mintage. Numbered coins are included in the maximum mintage of proof coins.

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